Here For The Environment. Here For You.


Welcome to Cleaner Air Online!


If you're reading this, you're looking for a reliable frontrunner of eco-friendly cleaning services and you've come to the right place.  Or maybe you're looking for a professional cleaning company without the "green" mission statements and you've still come to the right place.


Cleaner Air is the leading eco-friendly cleaning service in Sunderland and tick all the boxes that matter; our rates: competitive, our service: professional, our quality: high. However, while many companies use a single multi-action cleaner such as Ecover and call it "green cleaning", Cleaner Air takes our eco-friendly campaign to a higher standard for you.


We're not very fussy about our clients, either.  If you are a landlord and your tennants have left your property undesirable, we will help you.  If you are a business owner and your company needs to have a more environmentally-conscious image, we will help you.  If you are anybody, anywhere at any time, we will help you.


Eco-friendly cleaning is rapidly becoming a social movement in the United Kingdom. More and more companies every day are choosing to go green.  If today is your day, drop us a line.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Simon James Troughton & Abigail Podgorski